Looking to the future: The dementia landscape


The WDC summit took place on Monday 28 March 2022 at the Francis Crick Institute in London, UK. The summit followed a series of global dialogues held over the past year as part of the WDC’s dementia landscape project. A global initiative led by the Council, it has reviewed international progress made against the commitments the G8 made in 2013. The project beings together international leaders across the areas of research, care, awareness and risk reduction. Transcripts of all the conversations of the meeting are being published.

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  • Netherlands minister announces international government meeting on dementia

    At the WDC summit at the Francis Crick Centre the Netherland's minister for Long Term Care announced "the Dutch government intends to organise an international high-level conference on dementia this autumn".

  • Summit 2022 transcript: prevention and brain health

    The Council has published a transcript of a conversation from the WDC summit on prevention and brain health. The participants were Professor Kaarin Anstey, University of New South Wales, Professor Miia Kivipelto, Karolinska Intitutet and Sarah Lenz Lock, ARRP. The session was moderated by Hilary Evans, CEO Alzheimer's Research UK.

  • Summit 2022 transcript: from basic science to new treatment

    Conversation from the WDC Summit 2022 session looking at the development of new treatments with Professor Bart de Strooper director of the Dementia Research Institute, Dr Maria Carrillo, Chief Scientific Officer Alzheimer's Association, Professor Colin Masters, University of Melbourne and Dr Nadeem Sarwar, Global Head for Genomics Strategy, Eisai. The session was introduced and chaired by Dr Howard Fillit, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer ADDF.

  • Summit 2022 transcript: global perspectives on dementia

    The dialogue on health system challenges was chaired by Professor Philippe Amouyel, University Hospital of Lille. Professor Sube Banerjee, University of Plymouth, Dr Joanne Pike, Alzheimer's Association, Professor Viji Ravindranath, National Brain Center, India and Dr Gustavo Sevlever, Chairman, Neuropathology Department FLENII Argentina shared perspectives. The transcript is now available.

  • Programme

    View the summit programme here.