The World Dementia Council helps change the lives of people with dementia by securing change through our projects, events and publications. Through the collaborative strength of governments, industry, researchers and health and social care systems all working together we can transform the prospects for people affected by dementia in all its forms, so that the disease no longer negatively impacts on lives in the way it does today.

When the council was founded in 2013 as a result of the London Dementia Summit, dementia was brought out of the shadows and onto the global agenda, galvanising efforts not just among governmental organisations, but right across the international dementia community. It set a series of objectives for the international dementia community known collectively as the 2025 goals.

Through our projects, events and publications we review progress made since 2013 and identify key actions needed to accelerate progress further towards the 2025 goals.

  • Projects

    Our projects are central to our work to keep dementia on the international agenda. Because only through greater global collaboration will it be defeated. No one country or individual alone can meet what is the biggest health challenge facing the international community.

  • Events

    Through building global networks, we bring together individuals and organizations at our international events and summits to facilitate better collaboration. Together we agree to share goals and raise the profile of tackling dementia internationally.

  • Publications

    We develop evidence of best practice in our publications, providing resources to help enable others to deliver evidence-based change.